Ductile 101 – Introduction to Ductile Iron Pipe

A comprehensive overview of the use of Ductile iron pipes for water and sewer applications.  Attendees will garner insightful information from experienced professionals in the design, manufacture, installation, and service aspects of utility piping systems. Whatever your involvement is within those arenas, this presentation will show you what you think you know in an entirely different light, and without using a bunch of decimal points.  Concepts addressed in this session include: 

  • Environmental health & safety improvements in DI pipe manufacturing, 
  • product engineering – what exactly is that? 
  • alternate materials – a brief but comparative narrative, 
  • DI pipe design elements and trench interactions, 
  • joint basics - restrained or not, 
  • field fiascos – the greatest learning lab there is, and 
  • hydrostatic testing of new pipelines – mistakes & myths. 

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Presentation Duration: can be tailored from 30 to 60 minutes per client's request. 

Available Presenters: McWane Ductile Regional Sales Engineers, Product Engineers and select local Sales Representatives.  Details provided upon scheduling of a Training Session. 

Prior Presentation Locations: Contact your local McWane Ductile Sales Representative to determine which locations we can provide this presentation. CEU / PDH / TCH professional development hours available in select locations. 

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