Ductile Iron Pipe Design – Internal & External

Attendees will be provided with information and resources to demonstrate why ductile iron pipe design calculations are the most conservative and reliable in the water and sewer industry.  This presentation brings the math alive with easy to follow graphics and pictures, permitting quick assessments towards making your most effective pipeline materials selection.  Concepts addressed in this session include: 

  • Internal pressure / bending stress / deflection design limits, 
  • the math of force, 
  • development of the flexible conduit theory, 
  • the contribution of cover / trench types, 
  • the pressure rating explained, and 
  • thickness calculations using the McWane Pocket Engineer. 

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Presentation Duration: can be tailored from 30 to 60 minutes per client’s request. 

Available Presenters: McWane Ductile Regional Sales Engineers, Product Engineers and select local Sales Representatives.  Details provided upon scheduling of a Training Session. 

Prior Presentation Locations: Contact your local McWane Ductile Sales Representative to determine which locations we can provide this presentation. CEU / PDH / TCH professional development hours available in select locations. 

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