Horizontal Directional Drilling Using Ductile Iron Pipe

Sometimes, open-cut trench installation of a pipeline is not practical or even possible, such as across a waterway, a lake, an area of unstable ground, or where disruption of the roadway or other structures above the intended pipeline is unacceptable. This is where the innate strength, resiliency, and joint flexibility of ductile iron pipe pays huge dividends – through horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation.  Concepts discussed in this presentation include: 

  • The forces, features, and functions of restrained joint ductile iron pipe, 
  • crafting a comprehensive HDD specification for your pipeline project, 
  • developing your drilling profile using the McWane PE HDD calculator, 
  • the standard proven steps and methods for an HDD installation, and 
  • comparison to similar trenchless installations such as pipe-bursting and subaqueous installations. 

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