Using the Total Cost Equation (TCE) to responsibly evaluate bid proposals for different pipeline materials often reveals the true cost differential between various pipeline materials involves much more than just the initial per foot bid price of the material itself. The TCE takes into consideration the real and respective factors directly related to the installation and future operation of a pipeline. The initial cost per foot of individual pipeline materials is many times deceiving. Design engineers and utility owners need to include several additional factors common to every pipeline in their materials selection assessment to best serve the utility and customers throughout the pipeline’s intended service life.  This presentation examines the interwoven contributive costs of: 

  • The initial bid pipe price along with the distinct bedding required for each material, 
  • corrosion protection costs and/or the maintenance of same over time, 
  • tapping requirements and line locating costs, 
  • operational energy cost disparities over time, and 
  • other tangible advantages provided by the extended service life of DI pipe.