Jason Barnes

Jason Barnes, Territory Sales Rep, covers Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, E. Washington, and Hawaii.

My entire career has consisted of Operations & Logistics, and Sales. I have been in the utilities industry with McWane Ductile for 16 years. My roles have been from sales/shipping coordinator, production planning and scheduling, general shipping foreman, inside sales manager, and territory sales rep.

Jason received his MBA from the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University. He currently serves on the MBA Alumni committee and occasionally teaches the evening capstone strategy class for the outgoing graduating students to help support the school. He is also a proud member of the Idaho and Montana Rural Water Associations. He continues to support the Boy Scouting (BSA) program and has been a member of the National Eagle Scout Association since 1994.

There is a great satisfaction that comes over me when looking at a completed construction project that improves the lives of others. What can be better than helping develop and build the American utility infrastructure that is in much need of improvement. The small part I have and even knowing that much of the building is underground and unseen still provides great pride to myself, my associates, and McWane Ductile, the company I work for.

I have always been the one people come to for creative thinking and ideas. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with solutions for hard problems. This has been helpful in my career working with engineers and contractors in the field. I have also enjoyed using this skill with several acquaintances, family, and friends with their companies and start-ups as they have asked for my consulting help regarding strategy and marketing.

I can never get enough time with my family and they have become my passion. I met Erin in college and married her in 2001. We enjoy the outdoors with our 4 kids (1 boy and 3 girls). I have always been an avid motorcycle rider and have enjoyed helping my kids develop a love of riding as well. We go as often as we can.