Jerry Regula, ENV SP, NACE CT

Jerry Regula, "JR" is a product engineer with McWane Ductile. Jerry’s responsibility is to provide technical support for water professionals at all levels including engineers, private water companies, contractors, municipalities, and water districts. JR has been with McWane Ductile for more than 30 years, starting on the ground floor. Jerry has been involved in nearly all facets of the foundry, providing him with extensive experience in manufacturing, installation, and design of ductile iron water products. JR is a NACE Certified Corrosion Technician, Envision Specialist, and member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He enjoys spending time with his church where he is a speaker and treasurer, as well as spending time with his wife Susan and their two daughters, Katelyn and Shannon on their farm in Ohio. “Many people do not realize how their water gets to them or how blessed we are to have clean drinking water,” says Regula. “I am honored as a water professional to do my part in ‘Building Iron Strong Utilities for Generations.’" Jerry’s favorite quote: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” jerry.regula@mcwaneductile.com